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Board of Directors
Mark Exhaust is currently managed by a Board of Directors which oversees the activities of the company. The Board comprises of the following persons:

Mr. Rattan Kapur - Chairman & Managing Director
Mr. Rohan Kapur - Executive Director
Mr. K Toshiya Miki - Director                                       Maruti Representative
Mr. S. Natarajan - Director                                       Independent Professional
Ms. Priyanka Agarwal - Director                                       Independent Professional
Mr. M. M. Singh - Director                                       Maruti Representative
Mr. Sandeep Chandhok - Director
At a Glance
- An end to end auto components   solution provider
- Defined by its customer orientation and   focus on quality 
- Experienced consistent financial   growth
- A dedicated work force of 700   employees
- Highly recognized by customers and   partners
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