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The company has invested in the latest in CAD technology that not only helps in designing products but also re-engineering them to meet specific client requirements. We effectively use design technology during the entire life cycle of a product, from the birth stage right up to assembly and manufacturing.
By using the latest in CAD CAM software, we deliver 2D and 3D designing of welding / assembly jigs and fixtures. In order to have greater control on the manufacturing process, most of our special purpose machines (SPM) fixturing also has design input from our in-house design section.

Once we receive the product tolerance report from our customer, we do reverse engineering to set sub component tolerances. This helps us control the dimensional variances which might take place within the manufacturing process. By designing the inputs to the manufacturing process in house, it helps us strengthen our commitment to the quality of the product and thereby the customer.

At a Glance
- To be a leader in our segment
- A committed player
- Cornerstone of our business success:        - Manufacturing prowess
       - Quality focus
       - Research and development
       - Testing Lab
       - Design Engineering
- World class people practices
- An environmentally responsible   company
       - Proud recipient of the ISO 14001          environmental management
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