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Mark Exhaust's testing lab is outfitted with the latest equipment to ensure quality testing procedures. This equipment is used to gauge, test and analyze the products, processes and materials used to ensure that our products meet the stringent quality standards that our customers demand of us.

We continually invest in testing equipment that enhances our procedures for faster time-to-market. For our customers who operate in a highly competitive industry, faster time to market equals a competitive advantage in the market place. Some of these capabilities include:

1. The ultra modern 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) - a device
    for measuring the geometrical characteristics of an object. These part
    features cannot be measured with conventional hand tools. With this
    technology we have experienced leaps in our productivity.
2. A tube data scanning machine from M/s Addisons, UK is used for
    checking the profiles of tubes and pipes under development.
3. UTMs & hardness testers are used for measuring the hardness of
4. A Millipore test is used to check products with a sensitivity to a high level of

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