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Research and development (R&D) forms the backbone of Mark Exhaust's delivery and lends to our competitiveness in the industry on a global level. Our capabilities include:
•   Developing original designs and analyses
•   Material research & development
•   Testing & validation

By utilizing CAE systems and other virtual lab tools, we provide simulation such as NVH, CFD, FEA, Load, and Stress analysis. These simulations can be used to:
•   Predict fatigue hotspots and corresponding fatigue life which helps in optimizing component design for fatigue
•   Predict fatigue life based upon realistic loading conditions.
•   Get immediate feedback on critical durability areas.
•   Explore multiple design options and optimize the design to performance requirements.

Once the simulation stage is satisfactorily completed, we proceed to the prototyping stage where the prototypes are then put on test benches where they are checked for performance and fitment. By utilizing proto toolings and accessing validation centers from all over the world, we keep our development costs low. We share good working relationships with world renowned accreditation centers like ARAI, IDIADA, NATRIP, VCA etc.

At a Glance
- To be a leader in our segment
- A committed player
- Cornerstone of our business success:        - Manufacturing prowess
       - Quality focus
       - Research and development
       - Testing Lab
       - Design Engineering
- World class people practices
- An environmentally responsible   company
       - Proud recipient of the ISO 14001          environmental management
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