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Mark Exhaust has highly advanced and appropriately designed manufacturing facilities. As a sheet metal components manufacturing company, we specialize in welded assemblies. Our confidence to deliver to an international customer base and satisfy their product requirement rests on our investments in equipment like power presses up to 300t (hydraulic and mechanical), welding solutions (manual, SPMs, robots), tube benders, CnC machining centres, rolling mills and stretch benders. Our in house paint shops and ED solutions help us in delivering a complete product.

Our maintenance levels for all these sophisticated equipments are equally high. Our in house maintenance teams provide 24/7 resolution to any mechanical or electrical problem that may arise during the manufacturing process.

We are focused on using world class electrical equipments for our servers and drives and share harmonious relationships with world leaders like Miachi, Tayo, Siemens, Philips etc.

We follow the single piece flow and cellular manufacturing system thus ensuring the highest levels of efficiency in the production process. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped to customize solutions for our customers ensuring that unique requirements are met.

Our current manufacturing expertise includes:
1. Exhaust Manufacturing
Swiss Roll or multi spot welding technology  
A Lock Seam manufacturing line  
Automatic material feeding system based on advanced Japanese technology for making mufflers complete with baffle stuffing and end seaming.  
Catering to the different segments within the automotive and infrastructure industries with a production capacity of over 1 million exhaust shells per annum.  
2. Door Sash Manufacturing
High degree of accuracy in various fields of metal forming.    
Modern line equipments from Japan and Korea with capabilities of roll forming, bending, robotized welding and power presses in the door sash manufacturing process  
Exposure for the development of other rolled formed components such as chassis, guard rails and bumper reinforcement among others  
3. Paint Shop
Equipped with a Modern Converorized Paint shop for painting mufflers with heat resistant paint  
In this process, shot blasting is followed by wet electrostatic liquid painting  
Heat resistant paints up to temperatures of 550 degrees C is possible  
4. Pipe Bending
Line up of sophisticated 3 axis CNC pipe bending machines from M/s Addisson of UK, YLM and Taiwan for design oriented quality  
5. Welding
Fully robotized welding SPM (special purpose machines) provide a decisive edge in achieving high finish standards and enhanced product capability  
6. Press shop
We specialize in both MS and SS stampings with press capacities ranging from 10 t to 300 t, with an in-house press shop backed by experienced associates specializing in dye and tool maintenance  
At a Glance
- To be a leader in our segment
- A committed player
- Cornerstone of our business success:        - Manufacturing prowess
       - Quality focus
       - Research and development
       - Testing Lab
       - Design Engineering
- World class people practices
- An environmentally responsible   company
       - Proud recipient of the ISO 14001          environmental management
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