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From Mr. Rattan Kapur's Desk:

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Mark Exhaust's Web site.

The Indian automobile industry has metamorphosed into a great industry since the first car ran on the streets of Bombay in 1898. It is today the tenth largest in the world. While the industry is faced with a recession today, the Asia market and in particular the India story has been somewhat different.

India is one of Asia's largest car markets and is the second largest manufacturer of two wheelers. The number of cars sold domestically is projected to treble by 2015. Global auto majors are increasingly seeing India as a manufacturing hub for auto components and are increasing the volume of components they source from India due to its cost competitiveness in terms of labor and raw material.

According to the Automotive Component Manufacturers' Association of India (ACMA), the domestic Indian auto component manufacturing industry is heading for a whopping 18% growth in the coming years. The turnover of the auto component industry was estimated at over US$ 18 billion in 2007-08 and it is likely to touch US$ 40 billion by 2015-16.

Owing to India's rapid economic growth, improved infrastructure and higher disposable incomes the success story of the Indian automobile industry is just beginning!

It is in this context that Mark Exhaust's success is played out. We are a leading manufacturer of exhaust systems, catalytic converters and door sash assemblies in the country. At the heart of our success lies our commitment to quality that makes our customers successful. Our commitment to quality means paying absolute attention to our customers by making sure that we deliver on their expectations. Quality is essential to the integrity of our brand and to maintaining our customers' trust.

Key to our success is also our partnerships with leading companies in auto manufacturing. Our partnership with M/S Futaba of Japan, M/s Sankei Industry Co. M/S Klarius of UK and IAV of Germany has helped strengthen our technical capabilities and ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of technology.

While our key focus is the manufacturing of auto components, Mark Exhaust recognizes its responsibility of being a citizen of the world. With the growth expected in the automotive industry, concerns about an increase in the number of vehicles and their emissions and its resultant effects on global warming are high. We respond by caring for our environment through conscious policies and management systems that attempt to minimize smoke emissions, promote harvesting, water collection and hard water treatment; while our exhaust systems are designed to be efficient in their use of energy and contain environmentally preferable solutions.

Our knowledge, experience and success of over two decades in the auto components manufacturing industry is today propelling our growth in the infrastructure industry. Supported by our manufacturing prowess and customer orientation, we will be developing and delivering products such as impact rails, steel framing systems and purlin lines for the construction of ports, railways, bridges and roads.

The driving force responsible for our growth and industry recognition is our committed workforce and responsible management. Our leadership status and respect in the industry is a testament to their determination and hard work. We recognize the invaluable contribution of this dedicated team and are focused on offering our employees exceptional opportunities for professional and personal development.

I am confident that with our highly skilled work force and our focus on critical areas of competitiveness, constant improvement, quality and prompt delivery will continue to fuel our success to even greater heights.

Thank you for partnering with us and for being a part of Mark Exhaust.

Rattan Kapur
Chairman & Managing Director,
Mark Exhaust Systems Ltd.
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- The Indian auto industry is a story of   growth
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