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The articulation of the quality, safety and environment policy demonstrates our intention, direction and aim in these critical areas.

Quality Policy
All employees will strive to achieve total customer satisfaction by the timely delivery of products at competitive prices, while conforming to international standards achieved through continuous improvement with an eye on safety, wastage and environment care.

Safety Policy
Our safety policy aims to create and promote a culture that focuses on the safety and health of employees. We do this by:

•   Ensuring compliance with all applicable legislative requirements
•   Empowering employees to ensure safety in their respective work
•   Promoting safety and health awareness amongst employees, suppliers     and contractors
•   Continuous improvement in safety performance through awareness, participation and training of employees

Environment Policy
Our environmental aims and objectives are to:

•   Set environmental objectives and targets
•   Continually improve and maintain high levels of operational and technical performance
•   Reduce and/or prevent pollution, minimize wastage of resources
•   Comply with legal and regulatory requirements

At a Glance
- Articulation of policy guides direction
- Quality policy aims to achieve   customer satisfaction
- Safety policy ensures a safe working   environment
- Environment policy ensures care for the   environment
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